Video Auditions

How to audition by video:


You may upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and set the privacy viewing settings for
Or you may send the YouTube or Vimeo directly to
Your video should not exceed 15 minutes.
Wear a leotard, tights and ballet shoes (no skirt) and introduce yourself at the beginning of the video.
Demonstrate both sides with a short Barre: plies, tendus with degages, adage with port de bras, grand battements.
Centre work: 1 pirouette exercise, 1 adage, 1 petit allegro, 1 grand allegro.
Show, if possible, a solo of your choosing in either ballet or contemporary.
Submit a dance résumé via email to
Photos: include a head shot, first arabesque or tendu à la seconde.
Once a DVD is submitted we will contact you to arrange registration.

Questions about submitting a video audition?

Please email:

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