Victoria Academy of Ballet strives to incorporate a holistic approach in teaching dance with a focus on both the physical and emotional well-being of each student. To achieve their potential, each dancer must understand the necessity of maintaining a healthy body, attending to injuries and being aware of the nutritional needs of elite athletes. Students need to recognize the importance of emotional health. Because dancers require such intense motivation and focus to help them participate in the rigorous daily schedule necessary for their chosen career, they must have emotional support available.

These topics are covered extensively in the Professional Training Program and Bridge Program curriculum. At VAB we are aware of the adjustment period for student’s coming from other areas of Canada and other countries. Our staff members are trained to recognize students at risk and to make appropriate referrals as necessary in consultation with student’s parents. International students are given an intensive orientation in their own language and have a designated staff administrator to assist with housing and medical insurance requirements. All students, local or not, are advised of our adjunct professional health care providers who have special expertise and interest in issues of elite ballet dancers.

At VAB we understand that students come with different abilities and needs. We know that close personal attention and learning support will make a difference to the student’s success. We encourage all students and parents to be proactive in asking for assistance if required.

Our Student Services Manager has resources to provide students with support and information relating to:

• Housing and transportation services for students

• Medical insurance

• Community and cultural services available to students

• Available academic support, such as tutoring services, literacy support, and library services

• Employment resources for students, including resources in relation to preparing a resume

• Student enrolment contract

• Program outlines