Professional Training Program

For the student who wishes to pursue a career in dance, an intensive full year program combining dance training and secondary academics. Students attend high school (or distance ed) in the morning and train at the studio in the afternoon/evening. Class time totals approximately 20 hours per week.
By audition only.
Ages 12+

Dance Curriculum

Students in the Professional Training Program follow a curriculum that includes both practical and theory based classes. Studies include:

  • Daily technique classes and pointe work, allowing time to refine technique, build strength and develop artistry
  • Examinations in the Cecchetti Method.  Working in the Cecchetti Method helps to develop style, artistry, grace, line and detailed footwork all essential for a dancer.
  • Weekly repertoire classes allow students to refine technique and artistry as well as to be coached on selected solos from ballets.  The ballet genres covered in these classes include Romantic, Classical and Contemporary Ballets.
  • Additional weekly classes in Contemporary, Jazz, and body conditioning ensure training of all students is well rounded and in line with the demands of a professional dancer.
  • Performance preparation for both local and international competitions, local festivals, and our annual Celebration of Dance.  Victoria Academy of Ballet students work on both group and individual performance works choreographed by industry professionals.
  • Personal Development skills are viewed as an important part of daily training.  Journals are used to assist with the maintenance of personal corrections, reminders and weekly tasks.  Feedback, individual interviews and written reports form part of the process for personal development.
  • Nutrition for dancers is explored helping students achieve an understanding of the nutritional demands on a dancer and how to best achieve ultimate performance and health through sound nutritional habits.
  • Dancers are instructed in personal wellness and emotional health issues pertinent to students who engage in intense professional dance training. Workshops with a PISE sports psychologist ensure students have access to the most up to date techniques for managing stress, motivation and developing emotional strength and resilience.
  • Dancers, like other elite athletes can be prone to depression and anxiety in their pursuit of excellence and perfectionism. Dancers are instructed by counselling professionals to recognize these signs of stress and how  to use coping strategies to defuse potential problems.
  • The school designated Physiotherapist and Pilates teacher instruct dancers in injury prevention and anatomy and physiology topics pertinent to PTP curriculum.
  • School staff instruct dancers in cross training options to use when injured,  when needing adjunct training for strength /conditioning or to maintain fitness during holiday time.
  • Dancers are evaluated on their acquired knowledge and practice through assignments and through individual meetings and consultation with staff.
  •  Each dancer has an individual educational program for their dance training both in the studio and for adjunct curriculum which is reviewed  regularly and changed according to individual progress.

Related Information

About the Academy

Victoria Academy of Ballet (formerly Island Dance Studio) was established in 1990 by Christine Richardson F.C.S.C – C.I.C.B., ARAD.  Now under the ownership and direction of Bleiddyn Del Villar Bellis, FCSC- CICB, The Victoria Academy of Ballet offers specialized dance instruction for children ages 3 through to Professional level. More Info


In September 2014, The Victoria Academy of Ballet moved into new premises in downtown Victoria BC.  The studios are located in the in the city centre, conveniently located for easy bus transportation, coffee shops, restaurants and shopping. More Info

International Information

The Victoria Academy of Ballet welcomes students from around the world to participate in all of the Victoria Academy of Ballet Dance Programs. More Info

Scholarship Information

The Victoria Academy of Ballet Scholarship Society was incorporated in the summer of 2013 and achieved Charitable Status in July 2014. The goals of the society are to provide deserving Canadian/Permanent Resident dance students with scholarships and bursaries to assist with the cost of their dance education. More Info

The Cecchetti Method

The Cecchetti Method of ballet is a style of classical, theatrical dance based on the teachings of the great Italian ballet master Enrico Cecchetti (1850-1928). More Info