3-Year Post Secondary Diploma Program

Bridge the gap between studio dance and a professional career.

The Bridge Program is a three-year diploma program designed for students who are not yet established in the professional field of dance but have graduated from their high school academic and dance training programs. The Bridge Program holds Designation status with the BC Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills, Private Training Institutions Branch as well as Education Quality Assurance (EQA) status, both under the umbrella of the BC Ministry of Education BC. These designations are indications that a post-secondary institution meets or exceeds the provincial government’s quality assurance standards. The EQA and Designated status are recognized globally as symbols of quality education and consumer protection.

Year 1 is 38 weeks in length and dancers train approximately 30 hours per week. Year 2 and Year 3 of the Bridge program are 41 weeks each in length and dancers train up to 35 hours per week. Classical ballet is the primary discipline of technical training along with a very strong focus on contemporary dance. Once the current year has ended in June, students generally return home on their summer break or acquire summer jobs in the Victoria area.

As a Bridge student, you will be encouraged to explore different aspects of professional dance life through the extensive program curriculum. Besides classes in ballet, pointe,  classical repertoire, pas de deux, and contemporary, you will also benefit from training in a professional environment, explore varied methods of the choreographic process, observe guest artist’s projects, as well as, receive classes in academic modules containing anatomy, ballet history and various personal development subjects such as career exploration.

Individual advising and collaboration with knowledgeable and experienced VAB faculty and guest choreographers connect students to avenues in the dance industry. As a graduate, you will be fully prepared for the next step on your career path.

Victoria Academy of Ballet is designated by the Private Training Institutions Branch.

The growth you will experience as both a dancer and a person and the memories you will create at this school will make for some of your most cherished years as a young artist.

Joshua Hidson

Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Bridge Program Graduate



To provide optimum ballet training for talented post-secondary students, teaching them to be exceptionally prepared technically, artistically, and personally for careers in dance.

The Post-Secondary Bridge Program has been approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training.