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VAB’s International Open Division International provides first-class, customized dance training to students who are seeking artistic and academic excellence. Whether students come to Canada for a cultural experience and join VAB as an extracurricular activity, or desire intensive dance training in the evenings while pursuing their academic education, each student will receive an individualized program to ensure their personal goals are met. Starting the season with the Open Division Dance Intensive during the summer months is recommended. Canada’s education system is globally renowned, has one of the strongest rates of student’s achievement in the world, and often leads to international opportunities. As Canada ranks 3rd among 15 of its wealthiest peers, this is an excellent choice for a high school education.

VAB’s dance programs are student-focused, always ensuring that the challenging training is carried out with utmost care and commitment to keeping the dancer’s overall health in mind. Under the leadership of Academy Director Bleiddyn Del Villar Bellis, Fellow and Examiner CC-CICB, Enrico Cecchetti Final Diploma, VAB’s  internationally acclaimed and dedicated artistic faculty, and the Academy’s approachable and dedicated teachers, ensure students are nurtured in a supportive, welcoming, and rewarding learning environment where they are inspired to reach their greatest potential.

Living abroad in one of the friendliest countries ensures a positive and enriching life experience for students. Located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, the Academy is part of a thriving global dance community, collaborating with internationally renowned artistic leadership. VAB’s state-of-the-art custom-built studios provide an ideal training facility for students and faculty members and is situated in an easily accessible neighborhood in British Columbia’s capital. The Academy’s teaching approach is rooted in the respected and wellknown Cecchetti method, used by professional ballet schools around the world including Royal Ballet School (UK), Rambert Ballet School (UK), National Ballet School of Canada, and the Australian Ballet School. Some of the most accomplished dancers have been infl uenced by Cecchetti –Fredrick Ashton, Anna Pavlova, Vaslav Nijinksy, Tamara Karsavina, Betty Oliphant (National Ballet of Canada), and Dame Peggy Van Praagh (Australian Ballet)– and the legacy of Cecchetti’s teachings continues to grow. The method established the model of standardized teaching which is the basis of all professional ballet teaching today. It prepares students to be versatile and adapt to the varying intense demands of a professional dance career. Exam entries are at the discretion of VAB’s Artistic Faculty. Cecchetti Canada is responsible for keeping a national standard for th globally used method. VAB also uses the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) training method, one of the world’s most infl uential dance education training systems, setting standards in classical ballet worldwide.