The Greater Victoria area offers a number of choices for secondary education in public school districts and independent (private) schools for both domestic and international students.

These schools offer a wide range of programs that lead to a British Columbia Grade 12 graduation diploma. Recommended schools are accredited by the BC Ministry of Education and meet the highest standards of academic excellence, allowing students to enter universities in Canada, USA, and world-wide if desired.

Victoria Academy of Ballet recommends schools with which we have developed positive working relationships, allowing accommodation for half day dance schedules as well as ballet examinations and rehearsals within the prescribed school day. These schools include the Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry (PSII) and Victoria High School.

Post Secondary students requiring ELL classes are recommended to a language school partner. For more information on these academic options and for academic options for Grade 7 and Grade 8 students please contact our office at admissions@vaballet.ca


Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry (PSII) is located close to the VAB studios and provides the flexibility for ballet students to develop a personalized learning plan that meets graduation requirements.

The school Principal, Jeff Hopkins, is internationally recognized as a visionary leader in education. We are very pleased to partner with PSII. Visit their website at www.learningstorm.org.


Victoria High School, School District 61, also located near to VAB studios offers a very supportive learning environment for our ballet students and a flexible timetable schedule for half day students, you can visit their website for domestic students at https://vichigh.sd61.bc.ca or international student program at www.studyinvictoria.com



I’m from Victoria, can I continue at my current school and be in the Professional Training Program?

Yes, you may be able to continue at your current school while in PTP. However, the schedule must allow for your courses to be taken in the morning so that you are available in the afternoon for your dance training. What is important is to establish what kind of timetable and schedule your school operates on. You must attend school with a morning, non-rotating timetable using a semester system.

I live in another province/territory in Canada.  Can I go to school in British Columbia?

Yes. There are many options for school and academics in British Columbia. If you choose to attend school in BC. Each student’s situation is unique and details, including fees, will be discussed on an individual basis.

I live in another province/terrtory. Will my school credits transfer to a school in Victoria?

Education is a provincial responsibility, and each province has its own curriculum and graduation requirements. However, across Canada, the curriculum is similar and yes, your credits do transfer.

In BC, the graduation program starts in Grade 10. At VAB we have an Academic Consultant who will ensure that you receive all your transfer credits, will assist you to understand the BC program, and meet with you and the school counsellor to create the best timetable for your academic requirements.

I’m not from Victoria. What high school will be best for me to attend?

While you are in PTP, you will need to attend a high school that has a timetable that provides flexibility for your dance program. Your academic courses will be in the morning and your PTP classes are in the afternoon. VAB has developed positive working relationships with several academic schools that offer flexibility and support to VAB dancers. Our partner school, the Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry (PSII), provides the best option for out of province and international dancers.

What high school should I go to?

There are many options for public and independent schools in the Greater Victoria area to choose from. Partner schools, such as the Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry (PSII), have a positive working relationship with the academy and can allow flexibility for students. Our Academic Advisor will provide you with a list of schools to choose from in the Spring. What is most important is that the school you choose uses a non-rotating timetable and a semester system. PSII is an independent school and public schools in SD61 Victoria, Oak Bay, and Vic High have been very cooperative and helpful. SD63Saanich also has been immensely involved with VAB in a positive way.

Can I continue in French Immersion?

French immersion programs and classes typically do not align with the PTP schedule. There are many ways to still receive education in the French language, and we encourage you to discuss this with us further.

What will a typical weekday schedule look like in PTP?

Students in PTP take their academic courses in the morning and attend the VAB Academy for their dance training in the afternoon. You will need to arrive to VAB by 1:00 pm to warm-up and prepare physically and mentally for your classes. Dance classes then begin around 2:00 pm, Monday to Friday, and finish between 5:00 and 6:00 pm. Students selected to work privately on coaching or variations may need to stay late one evening during the week. Otherwise, your evenings are free for homework and other studies.

If I only attend school in the mornings, how will I receive all my credits to graduate?

You have the option to meet with our Academic Advisor to ensure that you are taking all the required courses to graduate. Most students take online classes to allow for even more flexibility in their schedule. Because PTP students have their evenings free, there is plenty of time for academic studies outside of the morning academic schedule. Many of our PTP students have enjoyed their online courses and are happy to share their experience with you. We recommend SIDES (South Island Distance Education School) for online education.

Can I receive credits from my dancing?

Yes, there are various ways to receive credits. These include external credits for dance exams (if taken) and course equivalency credits. We will discuss these options with you further.