Live online classes begin April 14!

Keeping children active during this time of upheaval can be challenging. 

Live online ballet classes helps children stay healthy and connected.

Specific details have been emailed to all General Program families.

Please contact the office if you did not receive the email.

  • Live classes for younger children will continue to focus on rhythm, musicality, body awareness, spatial awareness, expression, and creativity along with the other basic steps the children were learning in their lessons before spring break.
  • Live classes for older students will continue to focus on developing fundamental skills, such as postural alignment, use of rotation, port de bras (carriage of the arms), core strength, articulation of feet, among many others.

General Program Information

The General Program offers group ballet and creative movement/ballet classes for children in a stimulating environment focused on creativity, group interaction and self- expression. Balance, coordination and spatial awareness are developed in a fun atmosphere.  This program is a recreational program for students age 3 to 18.

Once a student reaches the age of 8 years old, a more formal approach and technical structure is applied to classes as the children mature and gain technical prowess through the Levels 1-8. The number of hours/classes per week increases throughout the levels and/or the optional dance classes in different disciplines of dance added. Children are trained in the Cecchetti Method by highly qualified and experienced teaching professionals. In addition to Ballet classes, students have the option to take additional classes in Jazz, Contemporary, and pointe work (when technically ready). A student taking all of the required ballet classes each week, with contemporary, jazz and choreography classes is enrolled in what we call the Elite Program for their level.

Upon completion of levels Twinkle Tots, Kinder, Pre-Primary, Primary and Teen Ballet, the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  • Stand in a poised manner
  • Demonstrate joy in moving
  • Be aware of spacing relative to other students
  • Show an understanding of spatial instructions
  • Perform movement to a defined musical phrase
  • Dance musically and rhythmically

Upon completion of Levels 1-8 the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  • Learn correct body alignment in basic positions
  • Further develop a sense of musicality and rhythm.
  • Increase muscle strength, flexibility, and balance throughout the body
  • Be introduced to classical ballet vocabulary and movement
  • Develop an understanding of the artistic and technical elements of physical expression that lead to performance artistry

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