Cecchetti Examinations


The Cecchetti Method is a worldwide training and examination system in Classical Ballet. The CICB (Cecchetti International Classical Ballet) is an organization that links the national Cecchetti Societies using this method of ballet training around the world.

Each year, selected students and classes participate in bi-annual Cecchetti Society of Canada Examinations with a recognized and experienced examiner. Entries for these examinations are at the discretion of the Director.

Cecchetti Society of Canada Examinations

Graded examinations are scheduled, and qualified examiners are provided for students across Canada. The purpose of these examinations is to give teachers and students specific goals to work toward and to maintain standards of development consistent with international standards.


There are three categories of Cecchetti examinations for students in Canada:

  • Class Examinations – Designed for children to develop enjoyment of movement and dance quality.
  • Grade Examinations – Designed to be more technically demanding and to provide a solid artistic and technical base for advancement to higher levels.
  • Major Examinations – Career oriented, with a high level of technique and artistry expected.

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In September 2014, The Victoria Academy of Ballet moved into a new facility in downtown Victoria BC.  The studios are located in the in the city centre, conveniently located for easy bus transportation, coffee shops, restaurants and shopping. More Info

International Information

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Scholarship Information

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The Cecchetti Method

The Cecchetti Method of ballet is a style of classical, theatrical dance based on the teachings of the great Italian ballet master Enrico Cecchetti (1850-1928). More Info