• Our Vancouver Audition is over!

    If you missed auditions, you can send us a Video Audition. Here’s how:


    • Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and set the privacy viewing settings for director@victoriaacademyofballet.ca. 
    • Or send the YouTube or Vimeo directly to director@victoriaacademyofballet.ca
    • Your video should not exceed 15 minutes.
    • Wear a leotard, tights and ballet shoes (no skirt) and introduce yourself at the beginning of the video.
    • Demonstrate both sides with a short Barre; plies, tendus with degages, adage with port de bras, grand battements.
    • Centre work; 1 pirouette exercise, 1 adage, 1 petit allegro, 1 grand allegro.
    • Show, if possible, a solo of your choosing in either ballet or contemporary.
    • Photos: include a head shot, first arabesque or tendu à la seconde with your résumé.
    • Once a DVD is submitted we will contact you to arrange registration. 
Location and Schedule

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Scotiabank Dance Centre, Kraul Studio (Level 4)
677 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2G6
(604) 606-6400

9:30 – 10:00 am
Check-in and Self-directed warm-up

10:00 – 11:30 am
Audition Class with Bridge Program Director KerryLynn Turner

11:30 am – 12 pm
Q&A about the VAB Professional Dance Intensive and the Post-Secondary Bridge Program


The cost to audition is $33, payable by PayPal when you register online.  

What to Wear

Female: Attire is a black leotard with pink tights.

Please bring pointe shoes.

Male: Bodysuit or t-shirt and tights.


About VAB

The award winning Victoria Academy of Ballet provides students with the necessary foundation to embark on a career in professional dance.

VAB has won the Youth America Grand Prix “Outstanding School Award” four years in a row since 2016. 

Find out more about VAB here.

Homestay Accommodation

All students under the age of 19 live with carefully selected and screened host families. The support and understanding of a caring host family provides a smooth transition to a new culture and our demanding dance schedule. In our year-long programs, some students are also enrolled in academic secondary school classes or an ESL program, and host parents are adept at managing the routines and responsibilities of our students.

Our host families are chosen for their ability to provide a warm and supportive home environment, and for their willingness to treat each visiting student as a member of their family. Each family participates in an intensive orientation program which focuses on cultural understanding and how to help students adjust to a new environment. Our staff assists all students and host families for the duration of the student’s stay, should any issues or emergencies arise. Students are well cared for in comfortable, supportive homes.

Our Homestay Coordinator is in constant contact with the Homestay families to ensure students are getting the physical, emotional and psychological care they need. It takes a great deal of time and planning to ensure students are placed in the most ideal Homestay for their specific needs and are constantly monitored throughout their stay.

Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, is a very safe and thriving city known for its spectacular natural beauty and its vibrant arts community. Situated on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, on the west coast of Canada, Victoria is easily accessible by international airport or ferry. The climate is temperate, with mild winters and summers. Victoria is recognized worldwide as a beautiful and culturally-diverse city. Our studio is in the city’s centre, conveniently located for easy bus transportation, coffee shops, restaurants and shopping.

Summer Programs

Train with students from around the world led by VAB’s internationally acclaimed faculty. Learn More >

Full Year Programs


Victoria Academy of Ballet (formerly Island Dance Studio) was established in 1990 and is under the ownership and direction of Bleiddyn Del Villar Bellis, FCSC- CICB, The Victoria Academy of Ballet offers specialized dance instruction for children ages 3 through to professional level. VAB’s faculty offers the highest calibre of professional instruction in dance training and performance. All faculty are highly experienced, qualified teachers with a passion for dance. Students of all ages and ability are trained to their fullest potential. Download our Victoria Academy of Ballet Prospectus for more information.

General Program

Outstanding dance training by highly trained, award winning faculty. Ages 3 to teen.

Professional Training Program

For the student who wishes to pursue a career in dance, an intensive half-day program combining academics and dance. Age 12+. Acceptance to the Professional Training Program is by audition only.

Post-Secondary Bridge Program

3-year diploma in Classical Ballet designated by the BC Ministry of Advanced Education, Private Training Institutions Branch. Bridge the gap from student to professional. Acceptance to the Bridge Program is by audition only.

Students interested in training with VAB for the full year should contact the office right away. If offered a place in a full year program, a non-refundable deposit will need to be made immediately before immigration documents and homestay arrangements can be made. Students who decide to train for the full year at the end of the Summer Intensive should plan to travel home in order to get their study permit in order before returning to study for the year.

About Victoria

Victoria’s vibrant city center is surrounded by natural beauty – stately mountains, lush forested parks and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.

Our fully equipped studios at VAB offer a welcoming and safe environment, and students can commute around the city with confidence and ease.

VAB partners with schools (such as the Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry – PSII) that meet the highest standards of academic excellence and offer individualized learning.