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In our first lesson with Ms Bellis I knew she meant business! She worked us hard and correctly, and it was the first time I felt like I was dancing properly, really using my muscles and brain in the right way! I loved her as a teacher, I wanted to work hard for her because if you worked for her, she would push and help you all she could. She was focused and determined but would always tell a little joke or smile if needed! I’m thankful for all she passed on to me; she is a great teacher and a lovely person with so much knowledge. I miss her and hope to be taught by her again!
— Harriet Mills, Royal Ballet School Graduate, Karlsruhe State Theatre of Baden

Andrew’s teaching has instilled many emerging young dance artists with an exceptional foundation. I am excited by the pathways many of them are now traveling with great success. I have had the pleasure to be both a student and colleague of Andrew’s and the knowledge he has shared stays with me today through many aspects of my practice.
— Bridget Fiske, Australian professional contemporary dance performer and choreographer currently working in United Kingdom. www.bridgetfiske.com

My teachers at Victoria Academy of Ballet were always so patient as I was learning English. Ms Bellis encouraged me and gave me many corrections so that I could improve my technique, my artistry, and confidence. I will never forget this precious time at the academy, when I grew up, graduated from high school, and danced at such a special school.

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