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Program Selection

All classes run from September 9th, 2017 to June 9th, 2018. 

Please note, class schedule may be subject to change until October 1, 2017.

Program Selection:*

Final level placement determined by faculty after first class

Please note that participation in the Performance Group will be subject to additional costs such as festival and costume fees.  Festival fees are approximately $100/dance and costume fees will range from $80 to $120 per costume.  Invoices will be sent out in the winter/early spring for these costs.

Payment Information:

Annual Payment can be made in one lump sum payment by:

-Credit Card



Monthly Payment can be submitted by:


-Pre-Authorized Debit

Fees for September/June and Registration due upon registration.  Following monthly payments charged on the 15th of each month, October to May.

Tuition is due in full at the time of registration. However, in an attempt to make tuition payments more convenient for families, VAB parents or students are eligible to arrange a monthly payment option with the school. These payment methods are available only to families whose accounts are in good standing and who do not have a history of missed or nsf payments. Tuition owing from previous years or terms are payable before registration is permitted for the following year or before student can continue in the second term.

You are not fully registered until payment has been set in place. This means a lump sum payment has been processed, monthly post-dated cheques or Pre-Authorized Debit has been submitted/set-up, and the post-dated cheque for costume pre-payment has been submitted. Please contact the office if you have any questions

Non-refundable registration fee*
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This year, VAB will be collecting a costume rental fee for all students participating in the year end recital. This rental fee allows the office to begin the costume ordering process. Costume rentals are $25 per performance class which can be payable by post-dated cheque dated for November 1st, 2017. Please make cheques payable to Victoria Academy of Ballet and put your dancer’s full name in the memo line. This rental fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Students in Twinkle, Youth and Teen classes do not pay this costume fee as they do not participate in recital.

I will submit a cheque with registration for costume prepayment*

Medical Authorization:

Medical Conditions and Allergies*
Current Medications*
Musculoskeletal Injuries (Past or Present)*
MEDICAL INSURANCE IS MANDATORY IN CANADA and mandatory for participation in Victoria Academy of Ballet (“VAB”) programs. Participants in VAB programs, or their guardians, must assume the risk of injury associated with participation in rigorous physical activity programs, including but not limited to slips, falls, incidental contact, and any injuries, damage, and expenses resulting therefrom. By participating in a VAB program, I hereby assume said risk and release VAB and its officers, directors, employees, contractors, agents, students, host families, affiliates, and assigns from liability for injury, damage, medical expenses, other expenses, and costs, however arising. All students are responsible for ensuring that they have and maintain medical coverage either with British Columbia or their home province. *
Personal health care number*
Province of care card*
I authorize VAB or its representative to authorize necessary medical treatment for me if I am unable to give authorization and consent at the time. If under the age of 19, the parent and/or guardian cannot be contacted or reached in a timely manner to authorize medical treatment, I hereby authorize VAB or its representative to authorize necessary medical treatment where such treatment is recommended by hospital staff or a physician.*
If there are treatments which I am not willing to authorize under any, including potentially fatal, circumstances, those treatments are: *

Authorizations, Policies and Agreements

Privacy Policy

All personal information provided by dance students and /or parents is strictly confidential and will be shared only with VAB staff as required.

Terms & Conditions

  • Any fees are non refundable.
  • VAB accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to the personal belongings or property of VAB students.
  • If the applicant is under the age of 19 years, the application must be signed by the parent or legal guardian.
  • Students must comply with the policies, procedures and rules of VAB. Failure to comply with any of such policies, procedures and/or rules of VAB may result in dismissal. 
  • General programs do not require approval under the Private Training Act

  • A student may not file a claim against the fund with the trustee in respect of the program of instruction.

Laws, Rules & Regulations

  • I agree to abide by the laws of Canada and British Columbia.
  • I will always respect cultural differences and understand that Canada is a multicultural country. I understand that discrimination based on nationality, gender, and political or religious affiliations is illegal in Canada.
  • Any behavior by the student to another student or staff member considered as emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, harassment, or bullying could result in dismissal.
  • I will always be respectful to staff and other students. I will refrain from gossiping and spreading rumors directly through conversation, by email or through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • I agree not to purchase, use, or have in my possession, which includes, without limitation, my Host Family premises and/or school lockers: any drugs not prescribed to me by a doctor. This includes all hallucinogenic substances but does not include non-prescription remedies for minor illnesses such as colds.
  • I agree not to purchase, use, or have in my possession, which includes, without limitation, my Host Family premises and/or school locker; any alcoholic beverages.
  • I agree to respect the property of others and understand that any theft or vandalism is a breach of the law.
  • I agree to uphold the image of a professional dancer at all times, as I represent VAB
  • If English is not my first language, I agree to speak English to the best of my ability in all areas of the VAB.

Parental Agreement

    • I give permission for my child to take part in all programs sponsored by the VAB. This includes school field trips, and recreational activities organized by VAB Program staff.
    • In case of serious infractions of program rules as outlined in the Student Agreement for VAB, I understand that my child may be required to return home. In this situation, I understand that there will be no refund of program fees and that I will be financially responsible for my child's return home.
    • I agree, should it become necessary, to the return home of our son/daughter for serious medical reasons. In this case, I understand that I am responsible for travel expenses.
    • I will discuss with our son/daughter, their responsibilities as an Out of Province/International student as outlined in the Student Agreement for the VAB International Student Program.
    • I understand that Canada is a multi-cultural country and that customs and traditions of families may be different from my own. I understand that discrimination, based on race, philosophy, or religion is illegal in Canada.
    • I hereby waive and release VAB, on my own behalf and on behalf of the student, of whom I am the legal guardian, and absolve and agree to indemnify VAB, the Host Family, and all Program employees and contractors, from all liability arising from my child's participation in the program.

  • I permit VAB to use photographs or images of my child in promotional materials.
  • I permit VAB to contact me via email.

  • We/I understand that in order to teach and correct dance movement and technique, physical contact between the student and teacher is necessary. Such contact is consented to by the student and/or the parent/guardian. VAB ensures that such contact is applied in a professional manner and is required for dance correction and instruction.
  • I have read and agree to abide by all policies as laid out in the VAB General Studio Policies document.
  • I hereby release, on my own behalf and on behalf of the student, of whom I am the legal guardian, VAB and its officers, directors, employees, contractors, agents, students, host families, affiliates, and assigns from liability for injury, damage, medical expenses, other expenses, and costs, however arising, in relation to my child’s participation and involvement with VAB

Authorization, Verifications and Signatures

  1. We acknowledge that if our child's personal, educational or homestay needs are greater than those disclosed in the application process, the VAB has the right to charge for extra support if available, or to send the student home at the parent's expense.
  2. We are aware that any inaccuracy in this application or the deliberate withholding of essential information will be grounds to permit VAB at its option, to terminate this agreement and send the student home at the parent's expense.
  3. The agreement between the school and the parents of a student in the program will be interpreted in accordance with the laws in the province of British Columbia and any litigation involving interpretation of the agreement will be conducted in British Columbia, Canada.
  4. I/we understand and acknowledge that the VAB refund policy is as follows:

(a) Students leaving the program for whatever reason after their program start date are not entitled to a refund.

(b) Students who are asked to withdraw due to a violation of school or program rules will receive no refund.

How did you hear about VAB?:
By agreeing to this Application, we hereby attest to the accuracy of the information provided herein, and agree to all terms and releases and give all authorizations contained herein.*
Date of Agreement:*