2018 Recital Flower/DVD Order Form

2018 Flower Bouquet Order:

*All bouquets come with a floral hair bud

Student Name 1:
Student Name 2:
Student Name 3:
Student Name 4:

2018 Recital DVD, Blu-Ray or Flash Drive:

Student Name:
DVD Quantity - $35 each:
Flash Drive Quantity - $35 each:
Blu-Ray Quantity - $45 each:
Name of Person Ordering:*
Alternate Phone:

Please note that the VABSS is a non-profit charity separate from the Victoria Academy of Ballet. The VABSS accepts cash or cheques made payable to VABSS.

Please prepare your cash or cheque in a clearly marked envelope and place it in the drop box located right beside the VAB office door by SAT May 5th. 

Please write on the envelope:

Submitter name:

Student name:

Thank you!

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Use the Victoria Academy of Ballet as a referral and you will receive 5% off your fees and 5% of the legal fees will go to the VAB Scholarship Society.

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